IP/Patent Portfolio Management

Having an IP/Patent is one thing, having a portfolio of patents covering multiple backgrounds, having different internal objectives and in various stages of the life-cycle is another thing altogether.  IP/Patent Portfolio Management forms a critical process and relies on a dynamic portfolio development, mapping and review process.

Fundamental to IP/ Patent Portfolio Management is knowledge – knowledge of both internal factors such as technical area(s) covered, business implications, Product development or R&D pipeline, patent family etc., and external factors such as current status, competitive and market scenario etc. Akin to a manicured garden, Effective IP/ Patent Portfolio Management requires allowing certain areas to grow naturally while certain other areas require well-defined pruning. Effective analysis and management of an organization’s IP/ Patent portfolio can therefore unlock business opportunities as well reduce cost burden, and therefore attempts to strike a balance between risk and rewards.

At Global Patent Filings (GPF),we help organisationsassess and identify the strength and weakness of their portfolio.GPF deeply acknowledges the significance of a strong IP/Patent Portfolio on Corporate's valuation and growth and uses its best expertise and talent to ensure creation, protection and management of the same.Our IP/ Patent portfolio management is a comprehensive service that includes the constant monitoring of an organisation’s Intellectual Property assets by our experts and professionals who are highlyexperienced in all fields of IP across all stages.

We, at GPF can manage portfolio running into thousands of patents, docket the cases for necessary timely action and can remind for deadlines through our state-of-the-art tools. We can also help in identifying ideas/ innovation for suitable protection, regular audit and valuation as well as monetization and other revenue generating activities.