Paris Convention Filing

Paris Convention is an international Intellectual Property Treaty formed on 20th March 1883, which allows an Applicant to file a Paris Convention application after filing the first application in their home country. However, it shall be filed within 12 months of the priority date of the first application. The span of 12 months provides an advantage to the Applicants to convert their ideas into the final invention/specification, gather funds, and perform market analysis.

A Paris Convention application is usually an alternative to the PCT to permit patent applications in non-PCT countries. For non-PCT countries like Afghanistan, Taiwan, Argentina, Mauritius, Nepal, and Paraguay, applicants have to file directly with national or regional patent offices under the provisions of the Paris Convention. The Convention applications are also strongly preferred when an Applicant is very sure about the patentability (novelty, non-obviousness, and utility) of its/his/her invention, and wishes to secure a patent in the shortest possible time in different countries. Furthermore, Convention applications are preferred when the number of countries in which the Applicant intends to file is less, say only 1-3 countries. When a foreign application is filed under the Paris Convention within the 12 months of the priority date, it is filed with a claim to "priority". This application in the foreign country will be treated as if it had been filed on the same date as the first application filed in another Paris Convention member country. As the deadline of the Paris Convention application for filing the application is earlier than that of the PCT application, therefore, it is a faster process for taking the grant of any patent. Different countries have a different set of requirements such as documentation and translations, hence, it is advisable to file convention application(s) with the help of professional representatives. It would not only save time by making the patent filing process efficient but would also avoid additional costs.

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