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Patent Translation in IndiaThe rapid growth of technology and its globalization has extended boundaries of its implementation beyond any territorial bounds. Today, every segment of the economy is being expanded worldwide on a large scale. Whether it is the segment of Telecommunication, Electricals, Electronics, Information, and Technology, or Mechanical, the world has seen significant growth in each of them. This has significantly increased the demand for technology to be protected from it being used without authentication at both local and global platforms. These factors have dominantly contributed to an increase in the number of patent applications filed each year.

In order to apply for a patent globally, many countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Brazil, among many others require translations in their own language, making it critical to have translations done in such a manner that the most appropriate and technically relevant translated words are used consistently, as the similar words may have different meanings and interpretations in different geographical locations. Expertise and experience are therefore must-have attributes in order to convey the meaning of any technical term in its desired form. Different countries have their own set of requirements for translations, and therefore if the translation is not done professionally, it could lead to misinterpretation of the scope of the claims, which may end up in ruining the purpose of filing patents. Therefore, translations should always be done by professionals who understand the technology and can translate a document in a manner that is accurate and clearly representative of the invention and claimed subject matter in context.

GPF has a team of extremely prompt and experienced practitioners who have expertise in doing translations for different nations. Through association with Khurana and Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys (which is among the leading IP and Commercial Law practices in India), GPF is aiming to raise the bar higher.

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