Hire A Patent Attorney To Secure Your Innovative Invention And Profit From It


The invention of a new thing requires endless amount of time, research and most importantly hard work which has been put in development. How would one feel when after all this hard work someone else uses and claims your invention?

Your invention needs to have recognition and for that one needs to get his or her work patent. It’s a long, tedious and expensive process, and without the right support, it can be a real hassle. It will be very difficult for a naïve person to get into the technicalities of getting a patent.

What is patent?

A patent is an exclusive right which is granted to the person for his or her invention that is original in its capacity. The new invention should be of a nature that should involve an inventive step and is capable of industrial application.

The person who is granted the patent enjoys several exclusive rights in regards to his invention which includes right to prevent others from making, using, selling, offering for sale or importing a process or product(s) in respect of which the patent has been granted. Therefore, a person may have more commercial advantage and competitive advantages as startups based technologies tend to be a lot more appealing to venture capital investors than those without patents.

Why is there a need to hire patent attorney?

The process of filing a patent is a technical aspect and more than that the drafting a patent is extremely difficult and it would be therefore important to hire a patent attorney. A patent is both a technical as well as a legal field. The ignorance of minute details in the patent can result into risk of misrepresenting the invention. The patent attorney will ease the workload involving filing and writing of patent. Expertise of patent attorney will result into accrual of many benefits out of the invention. The Patent Attorney will advise upon the various categories of patent and even on the aspect whether the invention is in itself patentable or not.

Therefore, an inventor can hire a Patent Attorney who has expertise in Patents and allied matters related to Patent Law and Practice. He/she will be qualified to represent clients, seeking to acquire patents for their inventions.

 A patent attorney can help offer a complete package of the services of watching and searching Patents, filing and prosecution, pre-grant and post-grant proceedings, dispute resolution, strategizing and advising, portfolio management and renewal of patents.

Author: Anubhav Singh, intern at Global Patent Filing. In case of any queries please contact/write back to us at support@globalpatentfiling.com.