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Registration for a patent allows an Applicant to limit unauthorized use of its invention by others. However, patent rights are territorial in nature, meaning that the applicability of the patent is restricted to the territory in which it is granted. As a result, in order to protect an invention in different countries, separate patent applications need to be filed in desired jurisdictions.


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When filing a patent application, it is always advisable to take guidance from legal experts, specifically Patent Attorneys. Doing so would help in the efficient, timely, and accurate filing of patent applications. Having decades of relevant experience, Patent Attorneys at Global Patent Filing (GPF) have the ability to do due diligence and file patent applications in compliance with defined legal norms and best practices. With all prosecution being taken care of by an expert, the whole process gets executed timely. In sum, Patent Attorneys and Support Staff at GPF provide a one-stop solution for patent filings, patent translations, and patent portfolio management, which acts as a rejuvenating factor that helps Applicants in the long process of patent issuance and enforcement.

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Most Patent Applicants seek cost-effective patent filings as they are largely administrative in nature (not including technical claim amendments/review of the patent specification), and therefore may compromise in quality of work/efficient filing by using low-cost providers who may not ensure accurate translation, accurate preparation of forms, and correct filing of documents/details, which subsequently may lead to their rights not being granted, or lead to rights not being enforceable, or lead to a significant increase in expense in correcting the errors. Therefore, it's extremely important to ensure that the Patent Attorneys being used for filing and managing the global Portfolio are thorough, reliable, and have the right experience in handling the subject matter that forms part of the Applicant’s portfolio. GPF is proud to be associated with and supported by Khurana & Khurana (K&K), which is a leading name in the IP industry and handles a portfolio of over 15000 Patent Applications, as a result of which they have the right exposure and provide desired guidance while building a Patent Portfolio. We at GPF are committed to providing the best in class services at a very competitive pricing structure, which is transparent and clear from the set go. As part of our international partner network, we work with mid-tier and small-tier firms having at least 10 years of strong and reliable track record and finalize associates only after thorough due diligence, evaluation of response time, and verification checks, which help us attain our vision of enabling cost-effective global Patent Portfolio Management.




Author: Mr. Ankit Kumar, Patent Associate at Global Patent Filing. Can be reached at

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