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For the patent ideas are the assets. In the technological era, an invention stands out of others due to its unique idea. A patent does protect the intellectual property but it remains in a gloomy area while protecting it in different jurisdictions. Patent translation comes up for the rescue of an applicant who seeks protection in multiple jurisdictions. This translation is generally being done by experts who are having command over the subject matter and have an advanced understanding of technology simultaneously. Some of the key tips for patent translation can be summarized.

Patent Translation

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Legal Terminology

The patent provides an exclusive right to the patentee over his invention. The exclusive rights generate from the claims that are mentioned in the invention. The translator must have a comprehensive knowledge of the legal terminology of both the domestic language and as well as the target country language. This ensures that understanding the terminology is an important part of the translation.

Field of Invention

With a strong knowledge of legal terminology, comes up with a stronghold on the field. A translation that is required for a patent that deals with pharmaceuticals drugs cannot be done by a translator who has expertise in electrical equipment. So the translation must be done by the subject matter expert in that domain.

Protecting Illustrations

The illustration generally is used in the patent for identifying the object of the patent. As descriptive language is not otherwise commonly used alongside legal terminology, its use is a specialization within a patent translation. The accurate translation of the illustration description ensures the protection of the patent in international markets where the patent is challenged.

Audience to the Patent

The patent consists of two primary stakeholders. The first one is the applicant filing the patent and the second one is the person involved in the legal dispute. The translation must always be done to avoid any confusion and using the legal jargon must be refrained.

A Professional Patent Translation Service

The translation is never an easy task and it requires a lot of effort as mentioned above. It is imperative to understand the importance of professional translation providers who have subject matter experts and have experience in the field.

Author: Saransh Chaturvedi (an advocate) currently pursuing LLM from Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law (IIT Kharagpur).  In case of any queries please contact/write back to us at

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