Improving Client Experience - Tips for Lawyers


Even though it might seem uncanny, the law is a business. And, clients are integral for any business, including law practice. Lawyer’s business also runs with the clients and to retain the clients, and it is integral to increase the client experience.

As a lawyer, you must be able to differentiate yourself from the competitors. Client servicing is one of the areas where you can stand out. It will ensure good word-of-mouth marketing for you to receive a steady influx of clients throughout the year. 

In this article, some of the ways by which client experience can be improved will be discussed. After all, a happy client is a happy lawyer and a happy business overall.


   1. Ensuring smooth interactions

The most important facet is to interact with the client. Interaction can be done through various modes; through face-to-face meetings, telephonic conversations, e-mails.

Interaction helps to establish trust and starts with the very first contact. So, make sure, your assistant or you, whoever picks up the call, is interested in the client and eager to take up challenges and solve the client’s problem. If you keep them waiting for long hours, sound uninterested in the phone, it may create a situation of annoyance.

Moreover, even after you end the official engagement with the client, it is a good practice to stay in touch through occasional messages and follow-up calls.

   2. Understanding the clients and their concerns

Understand from the perspective of the client, their needs, and demands. Only when you understand the concern, you can find a solution. Finding a solution that works will result in a happy client and a well-settled case for you. Understanding the concern will help you analyze the problem better. Additionally, improve upon your listening skills and approach clients with the correct body language.

In case of a dispute which involves a personal relationship like matrimonial, it is very important first to understand the relationship between the involved parties. It will also help you clarify what the client seeks, which in turn will make you fight for it harder.

   3. Give generous replies, communicate

Judicial matters take time. The client needs to have patience. This patience will come automatically when the lawyer communicates the updates of the case. Be clear about the fees and your charges. Honesty is the key.

For Example, The matter has been filed and listed for this date.

For the matter tomorrow, kindly be present by 10 a.m.

As discussed with you earlier, kindly attend the meeting scheduled.

In other ways, if your client has any query, make it a policy of your professional life to reply within a bracket of 48 hours. And make sure you sound generous.

For example: Extremely apologetic for not being able to answer your queries. I will be glad if a meeting could be planned to discuss the matter and answer your queries.

   4. Win the trust, show you are capable

Like any other business, the legal business also runs on trust and satisfaction. This trust is built not by just saying but by doing.

Actions like completing the task before deadlines, approaching the client for any sought of clarification yourself rather than waiting for the client to contact you, empathizing with the parties, and so on. Be clear on your approach and discuss with the client about the legal possibilities.

Improve upon the communication by seeking more details and then pay careful attention to those details. The details can be very useful to win a case and gain trust because it conveys that you are working hard and not just treating it like any other case. Even though you may have a hundred clients, a personalized approach is crucial to deliver the best client experience.

   5.  Advance technologically

At present, technological advancement is a basic requirement. Lawyers cannot succeed in the old ways of paper-based practice. Even if you are not comfortable in adopting a cloud-based legal case management software, you must have a website.

A website will help present and prospective clients find out all the required information. And knowing your basic details, area of expertise will also help you save some time in the initial days. You can design your website to capture initial information which can help you prepare for your first interaction with the client. Moreover, with simple integrations, you can allow clients to schedule calls and meetings directly from the website.

Potential clients nowadays tend to check out your social media before contacting you. More than half of people between the ages of 18 and 44 prefer to hire an attorney who is active on social media. active on social media over one who is not. Make sure your social media profiles are in line with the image and client experience you want to deliver.

   6. Feedback of the client

Client experience can be immensely improved if you start collecting feedback. Allow your clients to tell you how to serve them better. At the starting of the case, get clarity of what their expectation is, what is their most thought for the medium of communication, etc. In the middle of this relationship, seek advice as to what you should improve upon. And at the end say to them for any other legal problem in your area of expertise, you will be ready to help.


Providing a positive client experience can help shift the attitude and focus of your firm to one that is more client-centered. You can not only help improve the lives of your clients with the ultimate client experience but also increase your firm’s bottom line without any expenditure in marketing your services.

Author- Sushree Swagatika

Sushree has been working with Legodesk as a content manager since the inception of the company. With years of experience in the content writing field, Sushree brings a unique combination of words, empathy, and knowledge into her write-ups. When not writing, she can be found watching movies, hopelessly pondering, or stalking an Instagram profile. You can find more about her on her website-

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